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About Us


The Kids Theatre Company is a Non-Profit that delivers children's theatrical productions in Long Beach and the Greater L.A. area.  Each season, TKTC produces multiple youth musicals, plays, and more, designed for kids of all ages! At TKTC, the kids are the stars!
Our “For Kids. By Kids.” Philosophy


This is where kids ARE the story + TELL the story = For kids. By kids. That’s not always the case in the world of children’s theatre. At TKTC, each production offers unique opportunities to showcase every actor’s strengths. All members of the cast are made to feel that their role is important… because IT IS!

We encourage kids to have fun while they pursue their passion for acting, singing, and performing. And we ensure that they have a safe and encouraging environment. Whether a young actor is an extrovert or introvert, our Directors will provide guidance and space so that each performer finds his or her own voice. Kids are smart; they know when they’ve improved at something they’ve been working on. Personal breakthroughs on material builds confidence in ways none of us could foresee. That’s the hint of magic we seek to draw out at every opportunity!

Our Team

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