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Teen Annex

​The Kids Theatre Company Teen Annex offers great storytelling challenges for young actors!


The TEEN ANNEX at The Kids Theatre Company is designed to create a space and opportunity for older kids and teens in Long Beach (6th grade and up)  to work with one another, to challenge themselves as writers, directors, performers and, most importantly, as human beings! The actor’s material they perform will be far more challenging than what they are used to. The characters they will be asked to play will have many levels and go thru numerous arcs. At the TEEN ANNEX they will have the opportunity to write, act, and even edit and film their own material, whether it be comedic or dramatic plays.


This is Long Beach Theatre For Kids. By Kids. This isn’t just a slogan; it is a way of life for The Kids Theatre Company, which is in the midst of celebrating a ten-year anniversary! Ten years of being a ‘BULLY FREE ZONE” and a safe place for kids of all ages to grow both as people and as artists. 


TKTC is MORE than just a theatre company. It’s a place for kids of all ages to find friends, acceptance, and an individual voice. Over the past ten years hundreds of kids have come through our doors and found refuge and salvation as they were given the space to be whoever they wanted to be. We give our kids the space to create and to express themselves. 

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