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The Audition Process

  • Pay attention to upcoming audition dates for the shows you’re interested in.

  • REGISTER! to join the cast. You’ll hear back from us via e-mail with upcoming audition workshop details, as well as a copy of character lines which you can use to rehearse.

  • Read through the “audition lines” and “character lists descriptions” to help you determine which role is a best fit for you. 

  • Come to the audition. You only need to show up once during the posted audition hours/dates. Make sure to bring the character lines with you to the audition. Optionally, you might also want to prepare a song to perform for the director.

  • The actual audition is very simple! Arrive any time during the posted hours. About 5-10 kids at a time are taken in to be seen. During that time you can read audition lines, sing a brief song, or do nothing at all.

  • Our auditions are informal. We treat them like a brief performance workshop, where we’ll play performance games. We’re looking for how well you follow directions, how directable you are, and how comfortable and expressive you are on stage.

  • After the audition, you’ll be given a handout with instructions on when/where to check on a role for the production, when rehearsals begin, and the date of the production’s Parent Meeting.

  • All scripts, schedules, questions and rules are covered during the Parent Meeting.  Registration fees are to be paid during the Parent Meeting as well.

Children's theater auditions
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