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The Audition Process

  • Pay attention to upcoming audition dates for the shows you’re interested in.

  • REGISTER! to join the cast. Sign up for our mailing list, to receive upcoming audition workshop details, as well as audition sides which you can use to rehearse.

  • Read through the “audition lines” and “character descriptions” to help you determine which role is a best fit for you. 

  • Come to the audition. You only need to show up once during your designated audition slot.

  • Our ALL AGES auditions are workshops. All kids receive a part, there are no cuts. 

  • After the audition, you’ll receive the cast list via email, typically 2-3 days after the audition.

  • All scripts, schedules, questions and rules are covered during the Parent Meeting. 

  • The Registration fee is due at the audition. For inquires about the TKTC Scholarship program, please contact us!

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