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Audition Tips!

We know auditions can be scary, especially for new and young performers! Here are some tips to shake those nerves!

  • SAY YOUR FULL NAME and mention the ROLE for which you'd like to read

  • SPEAK CLEARLY in a loud, confident voice

  • When you're reading your audition lines, MAKE A CHARACTER CHOICE. The only wrong choice is no choice!

  • GET INTO THE ROLE. Our Team sees hundreds of kids during audition rounds, really try to make an impression!

  • BE OPEN TO TRYING NEW THINGS. Your director may ask you to read for something unexpected. Always say yes, and be open minded.

  • Don't try to guess what the director is thinking, that could make you nervous! All TKTC directors do their best to make the environment as welcoming and encouraging as possible.

  • EXPECTATIONS are pre-meditated resentments! The less you expect and the more open-minded you are, the better audition experience you will have!

  • Don't forget to BREATHE. Everyone gets a part, there is no need to worry!

  • Remember that you're telling a story. Be innovative, creative, and inspiring, know that the audience eagerly awaits your words and expressions.

  • One more tip... HAVE FUN!!!

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