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Due to the current state of things in California, we have decided to move our ENTIRE season OUTSIDE into the OPEN AIR!! Rehearsals will be a blend of taking place outdoors, in-person at the TKTC studio and of course - on ZOOM! We are currently in talks with a variety of outdoor venues and Amphitheatre’s to perform our FALL SEASON SHOWS! All shows rehearse twice a week. One day a week will be our outdoor rehearsal day, and the other will be at the studio w/ a zoom option! Our goal is to be as safe, inclusive, fun and creative as possible!

The one thing I ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE is each outdoor venue will undoubtedly enhance the performance and interactive EXPERIENCE for both the kids and the audience!!

*Also please feel free to inquire within about sibling discounts, multi-show discounts, etc... The rehearsals and schedules are designed so kids can do multiple shows!!



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